Paintin' signs....

I made this happy birthday sign for my grandson 4 years ago using a gold plastic frame that once held a mirror. With the mirror missing, I purchased the frame for only $1. I used acrylic paint to highlight some of the features on the plastic frame. I was only able to use it twice since I didn't have one for his sister....Well, I finally found a frame to paint a happy birthday sign for my grand daughter. This gold plastic frame (minus the mirror) was $2.... with a little bit of paint, an old map, glitter and a lot of time I had a finished sign! These will get hung somewhere at our pirate party~This next frame was a .50¢ yard sale find, this is an important sign for any pirate party. Its kinda hard to read in this photo... but it reads "Beatings will continue until morale improves" truer words never spoken~


Barbara said...

Those are just tooo cute!! Love the last one! lol

Hugs XX

jacque4u2c said...

These so ROCK!!!!