ho..... pirate bunting for me~ Red & white polka dot bunting to be exact. I love how these turned out. I'm thinking about leaving this up all summer long~I also finished turning the "Woody" pinata into a Pirate pinata.Then I made two purple people eaters... one fat, one skinny-- don't ask.... Back to pirate stuff... I then painted a sign that reads, "Absolutely No Swashbuckling" Which for you land lovers means "no fighting" It took a bazillion coats of white paint. The board is extremely textured, with long grooves and ridges, so the paint didn't flow easily. Although, I do like the end result :-) I'm glad I didn't chuck it out when I realized just how much work it would take to finish it! This is just a smidgen of the things I've been working on lately, only 20 more days left until our big yearly 3-day pirate party. Eeeeeeeeeeeeek..... I better get offline and get busy!!! Yo-ho-ho me hearties!

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Kaz said...

I love all your pirate ideas. My Grandson Dylan has loved pirates for four years now and he is only five. We are doing a pirate theme for him again this year (as always) He is so excited because he just found out his Uncle is a pirate at Disneyland this year, so guess where we are going in June. Love your blog so much it brightens my day. Just wanted to let you know.