Ah, life is good. I got a new computer--- although its a big pain in the ol' butt trying to figure it out--- I am a happy girl none the less.

Anywho, I did get to some killer yard sales this morning. Here are a few photos of the treasures I found. I met an antique dealer who is getting rid of all of her things super cheap, (I'm going back tomorrow, it was just to hot to shop today!) I picked up several hammered aluminum pieces for only $1 each. The wooden key was only $2... the photos were pricey at $5 (her sisters stuff) I got two free sodas in the deal and so that had the money flying out my hand. The milk glass card holder and the little scotty dog were both fifty cents each. She had TONS of neat things, but you have to be practical when you don't resell things. I picked up the blue perfume bottle, the vintage magnify glass and the stack of vintage sheet music for fifty cents each. The gold and glass relish tray was $1 and the Virgin Mary alter was only ten cents. Here is a photo of where I house my tin collection. I'm going to start filling up those tins with vintage jewelry for my grandaughter who really likes "Nana's pretties" She is such a love~ Well, I am currently working on painting the massive wall of shelves in my studio-- which I pinky swore last year -- to do-- for this year. Ugh. It is such a HUGE undertaking, thats why I'm blogging instead! I am also wanting to create some large wooden Mad hatter pieces for next Saturday's Mad hatters tea party, plus make a baby blue dress for Alice a.k.a. Miss Chloe~ Then and only then, will I start to work on the 7 tags I am needing to make for a tag swap. Hmmm.... I may need some chocolate to get me through this~

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GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Nice finds and great prices! Love your tin collection! I keep wishing for a craft room..