Would you tumble for me?

I'd tumble for you!!..... My daughter is trying to win a free party for her two children at our local Swim America & Tumble America club. If you have a face book account and you've got a spare moment... could you pretty please "like" the club at this link: Swim America & Tumble America and then click on the photo section.... once there, click on "cutest kid contest" and of course, my two grandchildren are the cutest there... But.... if your eyes are not what they used to be.... here is some help. This is Chloe only two precious years old...and this happy soul is Jonathan who is four-happy-years old. If you could click on "Like" on both Chloe and Jonathan's photos that'd sure be a huge help in getting to her goal of "WINNING" a party for her two little love bugs. Thank you-thank you-thank you!

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Georgie Horn said...

they are the cutiest children in the world~