Garage sign

I painted this garage sign recently.... the hardest part was when I had to sand the heck out of it to give it the appearance of being very old. After all that work... to scuff it up....eeek..... Don't even get me started on the palpatations I felt while painting over the whole thing with some dark-dark stain..... I am happy to say I love-love-love the end results though!Another day, another project completed~


sugar Creek said...

Oh wow that's so cool! Great job! I would've been a little scared too going over that with stain but it looks great!

Miss Iowa said...

Your sign turned out great. Love the colors. I had a boss named Emil and you don't see that name too often anymore.

Cindy said...

Wow, this is great! At first look, I would think it is an antique. But so much less expensive, right?

Jane said...

Great sign! It may not be an antique, but the "full service" concept sure is!
p.s. Didn't get one, but love your Birdsong tags!