Faux Bricks

I made some faux bricks for the barbie house I'm working on for my grandaughter Chloe Rose. Since these bricks are going in a Barbie house, they are made bigger than the ones I've previously made for the miniature doll house that I have yet to finish... Firstly, I cut a piece of illustration board to fit completely in the space I was making the bricks for. (You can purchase illustration board at any art supply store-- runs about $6 a sheet) I drew lines every one inch and cut those out using my paper cutter.... then I cut those inch long strips into 1/4 inch length to create the small bricks, again using my paper cutter. So the actual brick size is 1' x 1/4 inch in size. With a large pile of pieces cut to size, I ran several long lines of glue down some paper and glued the "brick" down so that I could easily paint them. Once the glue dried, I used terra cotta, black and white paint which I pounched onto the bricks using a stencil brush. The final step is to seal the newly painted illustration board. You can use a spray gloss or you can paint on a glossy finish. This step is important because when you grout the brick, using real grout, it keeps the cardboard from falling apart.Then I just glued the brick into place on the floor of the barbie house. I haven't grouted the brick into place yet. I am wanting to make some kind of planter for both sides of the door way. So I'm going to wait until I figure it out :-)


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Those bricks are wonderful. I wish you were my grandma. I set my vintage Ginny dolls up in scenes and that's the same scale as Barbie. I've never seen such realistic looking bricks.

Amanda said...

Very cool! You must be a very patient person! How long did it take from illustration board to brick floor?