Sailing treasures~

I picked up this cute as can be pink light for only $3. Isn't it darling? The photographers paper cutter was only $1. I think when something is super dirty--- it tends to be a whole lot cheaper than if it were clean. The guy I bought the paper cutter from told me it was his fathers and that he had used it in his dark room. It is surprisingly small and has a long bar that you can set to cut the exact size over and over without checking each time :-) Me likey~
I also came across some buttons that had been- for the most part- presorted by color, this pile of buttons was only $2. There was a huge handful of mother of pearl buttons in the white button bag.
Today is the start of my birthday month. Let the fun begin!! *woot-woot* To start it off right, this Saturday there is a huge-huge block sale that is going to be held on the Boulevard, and I'm feeling lucky!


Kelly_Deal said...

Great finds!

Laurie said...

It's my birthday month, too! Let the treasure hunting begin!