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I added some more of my spoon pendant necklaces and repurposed keys to my Etsy Store. I think I added something like fourteen things--- I am needing to soak my hands in some hot water for awhile--- they hurt! (even though I cut & paste a lot of it) Here are some of the ones I posted to my Etsy store.... I particularly love this spoon pendant. This one is a smaller spoon, only measuring at 1 & 1/4 inches tall. I think its nice to have a small shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary so close to your heart~Ahhhhhhhhhhhh pink loveliness...... A beautiful rhinestone cross on this one....
Here is one of the keys I posted on my etsy store. I have my keys under "Vintage Latch Key Kids" Just makes me laugh thinking about "latch key days"~


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! My mom and aunt are both Catholic, and i can only imagine how much they would adore these. I will be back to your etsy shop soon!

  2. Cheryl! they are beautiful! I have to go look at the rest of them in your shop.
    i was just in a halloween ornie swap and heather from speckled egg made the most awesome spiders out of old spoons. I will post pics later this week, but you'll want to see it for sure.. so different, I love it.
    as.. I love yours!
    have a great day!

  3. Wow, Cheryl, these are so beautiful! Instant heirlooms!


  4. Very, very nice, and unique to boot. That key is working it's way to my online shopping cart...I'm trying to hold back though because I always get mocked if I buy someone else's handmade jewelry when I already make so many pieces myself. Maybe I could just tell them I did make it...Our little secret?

  5. Hi! I went to see you latch keys but it looks like they all sold already! And I wanted to buy the blue one :(... Got any more?

    I'm thinking Saturday morning is a go but I'll let you know for sure tomorrow ok?


  6. These are really awesome! You are definitely onto something! Beautiful work!!!


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