Works In Progress

I've got a lot of silverware to play around with thanks to my father who cut the silverware for me. I've previously cut all the silver pieces myself by hand--- no easy task and very slow going. I've been hoarding collecting silverware where ever I find it-- to make jewelry out of. They are selling rather well at my online store, "The Tarnished Crown" cheap plug, I know. He cut the handles off of spoons so I can make some more pendants... look at all those beautiful spoons! :-) Here is a couple that I've made using really big spoon bowls. These measure in at 3 to 3 1/2 inches long. These will be sold for $10 to $12 each.The bottom right one with the pearls is my favorite out of this batch :-)
The handles which were cut off are lovely. My dad bent the handles back onto themselves and made those into pendants and or key fobs. Aren't they beautiful? I've wire wrapped the tops and added some vintage beads to give them a little bit of pop. These will be sold for $5 each~ I've got lots & lots of pieces to work with.... These little darling vases are made from hollow knife handles. (I've big plans for those)The tiny souvenir spoons I recently purchased, I cut by hand myself. Twenty five in total-- not that I'm counting.Here is one I made into a pendant... these are tiny and measure from top to bottom at 1 & 1/4 an inch. These I'm selling for $5 each.I also used the other end of each spoon making a lot of cute blanks to add something to-to make little pendants. Shown in the photo above.
Those little decorative pieces with a medal will be sold for $5 as well. Is it just me? or is there seriously never enough time in the day to do all the things you want to do... along with those things you need to do? Oh bother..... I did manage to get my Christmas tree up. And yes, It is wedged into a corner behind a chair. (tethered to the mantel of course)I decided not to do anymore "Christmas" decorating other than the tree & stockings this year.... notice the cat under the tree. Nothings sacred....geeze. If I see one hair ball under that tree... someones going to get it!!! I did manage to wrap about 1/4 of the gifts I've already purchased.High on my list of things to seek out and purchase is a cute cash register for my 2 1/2 year old grandaughter Chloe. I have one at my house which she plays with for literally hours. She'll put money in it, close the drawer and then open the drawer and take money out. I gave her a lot of used gift cards which she likes to slide in the slot that is in between the drawer and the register itself. lol.... How does she know how to do that at this age? cute. Well, I've got a bazillion works in progress-- and I guess thats normal for me. I better get offline and try to finish at least one of those projects! I'll be posting things to my Etsy site in a couple of days unless something shiny & glittery distracts me.


  1. Lovely pendants! You sure do have a lot of silver! And I can't believe that you have that much shopping done. I always wait until after Thanksgiving to shop, but not black Friday.

  2. How soon will you be listing these things? LOVE them!

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  4. Cheryl Thank you for your sweet comments.Your post is so nice. How lovely to be able to work with spoons like you do.One of my favs. I have is a spoon s.s. ring.Your Christmas tree is fantastic!

  5. You have a lot to work with, and beautiful creations. I love your work, and the prices extremely reasonable. I've seen similar items at antique shows for considerably more. You should sell a ton.

  6. I do believe your silverware stash is bigger than mine:-) I love your pendants and the way you're using the tops of the spoons too. Beautiful goodies. Looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous creations.

  7. Hi, Cheryl. It's Brenda over at B'z Place. I've decided to re-join the bloggy world after two and 1/2 years.
    I hadn't commented but I have checked in on your blog from time to time. Your creativity stil amazes me, and with all the irons you have in the fire ALL THE TIME, I don't know how you're able to accomplish all you do get done. It makes my head spin just reading about it!

  8. The spoon jewelery is a great idea your work is beautiful


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