So yesterday I sitting at a red light watching the cars come off of the free way thinking to myself " Wouldn't it be awful to be in an accident at Christmas time?" When BAM, I was hit from behind...... I couldn't believe it! Even though I was wearing my seat belt (lap belt... its an old car)--- I was twisted in my seat to the point my left leg was practically under the dash board and my right leg was practically in the drivers seat. My foot was forced off the gas pedal and I had to quickly readjust myself in the seat to quickly hit the break as I was traveling into traffic..... I turned off my car and got out and just gasped at the women like "LOOK WHAT YOU DID!" There she was holding onto the steering wheel AND her cell phone. She told me, "I didn't even see you."...... You just know she was TEXTING........ snot nosed little kid.....
Anywho, I'm fine other than extremely sore down my back and my head feels like its going to wobble off my sore neck and who knows why my left knee is hurting me..... but other than that I'm fabulous. Praise God :-)
My beloved '66 Mustang is sitting in some cold, cramped, dingy, tow yard lot.... *sniffle-sniffle*..... its backside all pushed out of shape. She hit me so hard that I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she knocked the car off its chassis...... My husband drove me to my doctor and she saw me immediately and told me I was going to "live" ... whew, it was touch and go until she told me that :-P What they fall to tell you about whiplash is that it effects everything your wanting to do. Try getting out of bed or the bathtub--- and you'll soon find out you use your neck muscles for everything.Snot nosed kid....


  1. Sorry to hear of your mishap Cheryl and I hope it doesn't spoil your Christmas too much do take care.
    Best wishes for you and your family.

  2. I'm so sorry about your accident. Is your care totaled? That would be a shame. I hope you feel better soon. Just take it easy, OK? Merry Christmas to you and you family!

  3. Oh my goodness, what a horrible experience you've gone through! Glad to hear you'll be OK. Don't try to do too much too soon. Take good care and I'm hoping you're feeling better soon.

  4. Omg I'm glad your ok but your poor lil car!! Maybe the insurance company can get her in more trouble for texting they can check that now!!! Maybe at least you won't have to do as much for Christmas day.. Speedy recovery to you and your car!! Xoxoxo. Cindy

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. That ESP you had is crazy isn't it?

    If your neck keeps hurting and you get head aches, I'd suggest seeing a chiropractor....I'm not one, but I've used them after a whiplash and had instant relief. Your auto insurance should cover it....they will recoup from bad texting driver's insurance.

    Merry Christmas, I hope you recover soon.

  6. oh gosh.. thats horrible! I'm glad your ok! I love old mustangs.. I hope its back on the road good as new soon. People are stupid. I hope she got some tickets and will be fined. in any case... Merry Christmas to you and your family my friend!! I hope youre feeling good enough to enjoy your grandbabies!!

  7. Ouch! I've been there, its awful. PT sure helped. Good luck.

  8. Cindy

    I am glad your accident wasn't worse on you. Whiplash can become a terrible thing. I had it and I felt like I was carrying a 15 lb. bowling ball on my shoulders. It was months before i felt better. Wear your collar if they have given you one. It helps.

    Make sure you are in touch with her insurance and don't sign of on anything until you are VERY SURE you are better.

    Cell phones have no place in cars.



  9. Oh my you didn't tell me about this when we talked! You poor thing! Need anything...I can bring you brand new crayons and a new coloring book...those always made me feel better when I was little and I'm pretty sure they still work...


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