Shabby Chic Bedroom

I've gotten one room in the barbie doll house close to being finished. Here it is in all its glory~The bed I made out of illustration board. I love how it has an old antique feel to it....The little white three tiered table next to the bed I made using illustration board as well. I distressed both the bed and table to give them both an old shabby feel....Whats a home without a cat?Here is the armoire that I added some shelves too, the standing bird cage I made to hang the metal bird cage I found....As the decorator of this house, I was just informed that Barbie wants the wall torn down between the two rooms to create a larger, more spacious bedroom.... I totally agree--- so down it came~Back to square one on "finishing up ONE room" in the barbie house.
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  1. Hi Cheryl!
    Oh this is just absolutely adorable! You are one talented and clever girl! So precious! My mom made a Barbie house for me out of stacked boxes and then she used wallpaper, carpet and things she found around our house to make furniture and chairs. I remember it being so magical!

    Pop over to my blog now and you'll see some of my Barbies on display. They are not in their own special house though! They are just in a boring old case. ha!

    Hope you're having a great day.

  2. cheryl, really... you are amazing. I want to play in your barbie house when it gets done!
    I had barbies houses when I was a kid and I made barbie houses for my girls and their friends.. but they were not even close to what youre doing. cant wait to see this finished!

  3. the details are just amazing!!!! it's just so perfect! I love the bed, and the little games under the bedside table! I want to live there!

  4. I can't believe how nice the furniture turned out. You are very talented! I wish you could have done a Barbie house for me, a few years ago:)

  5. Just beautiful Cheryl!!! At first glance, I didn't even realize I was looking at miniatures! Your work is amazing and inspiring!


  6. Ha! A designer's job is never done. The details you come up with are just amazing. Fun stuff! Those tiny board games are fantastic. And that kitty on the bed so sweet. Hope your day is great. Tammy

  7. A late but hearty greeting from me to you.
    I had a Holiday filled with nursing yukkiness. Hubby was Ill and had a nasty infection, best not described. Most festivities were cancelled.
    I am attempting to catch up with my favourite bloggers.
    Beautiful Pink room and contents :-)
    I am hopeing to get some creative time back soon. Best wishes for 2012 Juliet x

  8. Looking gorgeous...of course! I love the distressed look on the furniture! Of course she needed the room bigger...I'm sure she'll have tons of clothes and accessories!

  9. I just found your blog linking from Pinterest. I wish I would have found you sooner. I would love to have had an owl spoon pendant for my granddaguther's birthday. Well there is always next year. I do love your creativeness.

  10. Oh how lovely! I would have LOVED a nice Barbie house when I was little!

    I still have my Barbies - and they want to come live in this house!

    Well done, keep at it!

  11. Hi Cheryl~ How Sweet is this house, I could sit & play all day long.... I'm sure when it is all finished, there will be many hours of Fun!

  12. Hello from spain. I love this room. Your Barbie´s room is wonderfull. The ground wood imitation and I really like the pink wall. The white cabinet as I have it. It,s the Bratz doll. The carpet looks good. I am looking for a similar carpet for my Barbies´s room but In Spain It is very expensive. The details of putting a cat I like. I also usually put pets in each room. Congratulations on your work. Keep in touch

  13. How adorable! You have so many precious details in that pretty pink room!
    ♥ Jil

  14. This is adorable.. i would love to have this even thou I would have to share it with my great-granddaughters

  15. Love all these Pinks! So glad I saw you at Beverly's Pink Saturday. ~Diane

  16. Wow you did!! Isn't it fun! she has a lot of great tutorials. I am thinking of making a twin size bed for the nursery.


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