Happy Valentines Day

I finished working on the miniature dress form today. I added some satin gloss to the form before taking this photo. It doesn't look as glossy in the doll house/in person. The plastic dress form was a yard sale find, I think it was used to display barbie clothing inside a package. I added the wood dowel and the wood pieces at the bottom so it stands on its own. I glued some vintage dresden trim to the bottom wooden pieces to give the stand an antique feel to it. Here is the dress form before:I also made over a plastic barbie stroller. Here is the before:and the after.....I did make my grandson some Valentines to pass out at his pre-k class.... okokok, store bought and packaged by me..... next year I'll start earlier *wink*


  1. Hello from Spain: I like your new purchases as you left them. The infant seat I was gorgeous. We kept in touch and Happy Valentine's Day

  2. Hi, Cheryl! This is SO neat! I had no idea doll clothes had those forms...(of course, I haven't bought anything for Barbie in years and years...LOL)~ you did an excellent job of making it into a vintage dress form ~ ♥ ~ and I'll bet your grandson had fun handing those out...(looks like there's some cool stuff besides candy in there!)


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