Mardi Gras

party tonight! *woot-woot*... I thought I'd make some fun noise makers to take with me to share with a handful of my buddies tonight. These buddies are appreciative of the things I make so I really like to make them things :-) These are made from the cardboard spools that ribbon comes wrapped on. I poke a hole into the side of the spool and add some small bells then I hot glue a thick corn dog stick for the handle of each noise maker. Then decorate until finished! Easy peasy~


vivian said...

You Are AMAZING!! what a great idea! I hope you had a good time at the party. have a great week as well!
Ps.. I keep meaning to tell you I love all the goodies you sent to Natalea.

Barbara Moore said...

Absolutely beautiful! You have some very lucky friends Cheryl!

Hugs XX

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: very beautiful creations to celebrate carnival. We remain in contact blog blog