New couch and chair

I bought a plastic barbie couch for .50¢ a few months ago from a thrift store. It was missing the entire back panel of the couch and the bottom as well. I added illustration board cut to fit the openings to fix it up. I wanted a matching chair for the couch, so I used parts of the couch as a pattern and made one completely out of illustration board. I used hot glue to adhere some vintage fabric to the set cutting it to fit the contour of each piece as I went. I added pink trim to the bottom of the set and painted the legs of the couch and chair black.... the matching tall stool was made using a lid off a hair spray can. Barbie is a happy girl~

I've linked to: Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday


  1. This brings back memories! My mom used to build Barbie furniture for me, and had lots of upholstery scraps to use to cover them. This looks very familiar to a sofa I had way back when.

  2. Wow! That is some fancy furniture, I wish my sofa looked that cool!

  3. These turned out gorgeous! You are such a talented lady...glad I met you!

  4. Hello from Spain: I love the idea of lining the chairs. You were beautiful. I like the stool you did. I copied the idea. Congratulations on your work so awesome. Keep in touch.

  5. youre amazing.. thats all.. just amazing!

  6. After seeing your Barbie house, it has given me the motivation to finish the Barbie house my husband and I built 3 years ago for our daughter (who is now 9). Seeing what you've done has refreshed my inspiration and maybe I'll finished it before she is too old to play with it - otherwise I'll have to play Barbie all by myself ;-)


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