I've been playing with some paper lately making some things for Valentines day.... I made these little heart pockets to fill with candy~I am attending a Valentine party and I am needing 30ish "valentines"... would it be awful to play favorites and give these out to the people I like? and give those not so cute dollar store ones to those I can barely tolerate? Ohhhhhh so fifth grade I know....
I do like to mix things up just a smidge.... keep the ol' blood circulating~
Oh how I love little cherubs.... this one is sweet in all her glittery glory. She sits on a hanging perch safe from all the kitties thinking she is a little bird they are needing to catch~
I got a delightful package in the mail from Natalea filled with wonderful Valentine goodies.
She is a very talented artist and I am filled with joy to have some of her work in my home.... somewhere I've got some things to decorate for Valentines day, I'm motivated to find them now!


KAT said...

lovely goodies

Happy February !


vivian said...

HI Cheryl! LOVE that little fairy in the bell cage! And thank you soooo much for the SWEET little hats for my babies! I did get your email and opened it at work.. which means I didnt answer it.. (bad habit I have!) I cant wait to try the hats on my baby pies!!

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Cheryl!
What a lovely post! Wow the valentines are so very pretty! Love all the different types you've posted.
Hope you're having a great weekend.

T's Daily Treasures said...

I hear ya. I always have great plans to make things for all my co-workers, but then there are some that just aren't so grateful for handmade so I think, really, why should I even bother? Now I only give to those who appreciate. I see you are going to town with that knitting loom. Wow! So many projects. That was $3 well spent. Have a great weekend. Tammy

Deborah said...

I always say "Don't cast your pearls before swine". Some people just don't deserve or appreciate handmade.

Angie Quinby said...

Your Valentine's are so lovely! And maybe it's soooo 5th grade, but I would also want to give these to only the bestest people and give commercial cards to everyone else. :)

Ika Devita Susanti said...

So sweet. I love laces and colors. You have a talent!

khess136 said...

Hi Cheryl,
Love all your Valentine-ness ~ your vignettes are charming! Thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit! Have a beautiful week.