Newest Necklaces

I've been making some more necklaces using silver spoons..... I was down to just four in my etsy store :-) I've also made some bracelets and necklaces using rosary beads and watch cases....Try as I might, I just can't get a good photo of those...Tomorrow is a new day.... I'll try again then. So, for now I have them in a basket waiting there turn to get in front of the lens....Duh... I'm so silly, I should try using my other camera...When in doudt, swap it out!


  1. Pretty! I have not worked on jewelry in a while with other things going on. Looking forward to getting started again.Thanks for stopping by and editing info. I will check it out.

  2. your work is so beautiful. Sometimes I wonder, being an artist, if it really means anything. Then I see another artist, like yourself, and such good feelings come to mind. God must have made artists to bring smiles and happiness in a world gone crazy!

  3. They are beautiful Cheryl. Wow! Each one is so special. Sorry you're having photo issues. I know the feeling. It's so challenging to get up really close and have it look clear. Although I think your photos look really great!

  4. Those are awfully pretty. They must take a long while -- but worth it!

  5. These are really cool...and unique!


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