Spring yard work

I've been working in my backyard steadily for a few days in a row and things are starting to look so much better. Whew, it was touch and go there for awhile *wink* I decided to add some whiskey barrels to the yard this year. I forgot they burn the inside of the barrels--- by time I finished pushing and pulling them into place, I looked like I had a five o'clock shadow from all the black soot on my face.... arrrrgh..... I had my two grand kids plant some sunflowers in the yard as well. They are behind the wire fence to the right in this next photo. I purchased two kinds of sunflower seeds, the "Mammoth" seeds which will get to be six feet tall... and a new variety that is called "Strawberry Blonde" The Strawberry Blonde sunflowers are going to be a ROSE-PINK sunflower and will grow to be five feet tall. We're jazzed to see them blossom.I'm having a good time moving things around the yard. The metal things stay in the yard year round, and I bring out the silver things for only about a week once a year.The sloped area that once was the drive up onto our R.V. pad in our backyard was unusable space--- so I decided to build a pirate store next to our pirate ship on that spot. I had to lay a foundation of cement to bring it level and then I added some cinder blocks to that to create the one side wall that will be visable.... then I added a raised deck as the stores floor... and well... here it is in the "almost finished" stage. My grand daughter pointed to the walls and said, "I want the walls PINK.".... okokok... not a problem~ I've been pulling things left and right from around my yard-- and it appears she is going to have a "shabby chic" pirate store. At a yard sale this past Saturday I picked up a galvanized metal bird bath-$5, and a bucket and two wooden box/shelves for a total of $5 as well.I think my new treasures will fit in nicely in the backyard.


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    I've been spending my days outdoors too. I've been hauling tons of rocks and creating borders here and there. I'll eventually get some photos up.
    Your yard looks great! I want to go shopping back there!


  2. You are sooo ambitious! would you like to come work here with me.. I need ideas and inspiration and someone to kick me along the way to get me moving. I usually just stand there with my hands on my hips thinking .. eiy yie yie... and then pull a weed and run away!
    have a great day!!

  3. It all looks so good and what great finds at the yard sale,

    your shabby chic house will look so good, be sure and show a completed picture, the pink wall

    the plants will do good in your wiskey barrels

  4. Hi again Cheryl. I'm really not too sure what is going on with my blog. Maybe it's because I've switched over to the new style.

    There is the link. I haven't got any pictures of the yard up yet, but I took some today, so soon.

    All the best,


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