Say my name...

Coming up with a pirate name isn't as easy as one might think ...soooooo... I decided to create a pirate name generator. I had seen something similar to what I wanted to make about a year ago--- thought the idea was neat, and stored that idea in my head. Thank goodness for Pinterest, it makes life so much easier! The name generator I made has three spinning wheels that when finally stopped --lands on your pirate name. I built a base that I covered with tissue paper to give the whole thing a textured old world look. I glued the round circles with the names directly to the base so it doesn't move. The smaller circle has a handle that you can grab and spin.... spin... and spin. There you have it.. a first, middle & last pirate name. Of course when the arrow falls on a line... that soooooooooo calls for a "do over."


  1. Oh, I love this, I wonder what my name would be, Give it a spin for me LOL
    Awesome thanks for making me smile this morning

  2. I love!!! I have an app on my phone that is a pirate quote generator! fun! Come by for a visit.

  3. How cute is that! thanks for visiting my blog a few weeks back. I enjoyed reading your profile. That was cute.


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