2012 Pirate party...

Ahoy me hearties......
Look yonder at our pirate ships sails in full regalia....arrrgh...
Princess Chloe Rose was wearing this years latest pirate fashion designed by none other than the world renowned "Nana" (me) Here she is sitting on a comfy chair with an early gift to keep her motivated not to take a nap~ Quick, someone ply her with sugar!
I loaded up 3 fast moving slide shows for your viewing pleasure of this years pirate party. The guests this year looked fabulous all dressed like little pirates. This first bundle of photos is of the kids breaking open the pinata. I was impressed that my three year old grand daughter even wanted to hit the pinata... so of course, I just had to let her keep hitting it, 10 times in total--- it was to darn cute!! Of course, my grandson had to hit it 10 times too... then Lucas hit it a few times, then the last photos shows the little cherub who ended up cracking it open.

Here are a few more random photos of the little pirates playing some games and having a good time... I was blessed to have a super delightful young lady take charge and oversee all the games. At ten years of age, this little charmer had full command of every child. She encouraged, motivated and was super patient with all the hyper little pirates the whole morning... I was in awe!

Here are some photos of my grand kids opening up their presents. There was tissue paper was flying every which way.... it was hysterical. At one point my grand daughter pulled out a large piece of tissue paper out of a gift bag, focusing solely on the tissue paper, declared, "There is nothing in here".... she doesn't quite get the whole "decorative tissue paper" thing just yet.... good times...good times.

This years party was super fun and seemed to go by in a flash. I figure for each minute spent at the party in full swing... was equal to one full day of me busting my hinny getting things ready for this party. Oh well... keeps me out of trouble. *wink*


  1. what a fun party! I love what you said at the end about each minute having cost you a day of prep time! Seems a lot of things are like that! parties, showers, christmas, weddings...
    but so worth it at the end!
    Your grand kids are going to remember their pirate parties for the rest of their lives.

  2. Looks and sounds like the party was a huge success. You have made so many fun memories for your Grands.

  3. Love all your pirate party videos and the way you have the little shop and the pirate ship in your yard/garden! You must work on this year-round, but what wonderful memories are created! The pirate dress is darling too :)

  4. how fun! I came by from T's blog and am so glad I did.


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