Art Journal

I've been wanting to create an art journal for a very long time but I haven't had much luck finding a book to use as the base for my journal. The reasons why ran the gambit from- to big, to small, to old, to new..... I finally came across a book to use, this little vintage darling of a book with an embossed cover titled, "I Dare You."I had bought a pop up book with cute animal pictures on every page, I just had to pull it apart to use in my journal. This page is called, "Life is a Circus." There are soooooo many layers of paint on these two pages... I glued two pages of the book together to make a nice canvas to work on. I found that painting on just one page of the book made the pages curl. I dug through my huge stash of Dresden trim to spell the word circus. I think it adds a nice little pop to the background. I think I'll be doing more work in my journal when the mood strikes me. It did take me a long time to finish just this one page.... I could have used a heat gun to speed things up, but I like the drying time too... gives me time to start yet another project! *wink*


  1. Every time we travel, I take a journal and say I will start a travel journal. I keep saying I want to start an art journal. But so far, all I do is keep thinking about it. Good for you getting started. :) Have a lovely week. Tammy

  2. Beautiful painting. Kisses from LA MAGIA DE LAS IDEAS

  3. Awesome. The care you take with your work shows in the details. This piece is wonderful.
    Keep smiling and creating

  4. So beautiful Cheryl, especially loving the kitty cats!

  5. love these pages Cheryl. I play around with the idea of making an art journal.. but for some reason the thought overwhelms me. one of these days I might give it a try. yours is, as always, fantastic!


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