Magpie trying to clean...

I've been busy trying to clean up my studio for this years "Where bloggers Create" linky party, which will be held this Saturday. *yikes* I got a little side tracked with all the blingy stuff I was handling so I had to sit a spell and create something.It was nice to poke through some of my forgotten hoard stash and play around....I've been putting printed labels on all of my storage boxes..... and was surprised that I had to print out so many labels that said "jewelry."Hooray for me!I also added some rhinestones to this little abalone shell. It doesn't look small in this photo, but it is only 3 inches long by 2 inches wide.I think I'll be making more of the little shell bowls... I am going to use this one on my nightstand to hold my earrings~


  1. I too have that magpie eye that leads me down the path of its more fun to make it than to tidy it.
    Very pretty bits...I will look forward to seeing your Saturday or sometime next week for sure as I participate in and peruse the studios.

  2. Very Pretty! I am looking forward to seeing everyone's creative spaces. Mine is still the messy dining table.

  3. hi cheryl! I will surely be by tomorrow to see your studio pics.. I didnt catch on until this morning that the event is tomorrow!!! so Not sure if I'll make it in time.. MY room is a mess!!! hopefully I can get it cleaned up and get some pictures taken before morning!
    have a great weekend
    ps.. love your jewelry creations!

  4. Hi Cheryl...I am hopping on all the links for Where Bloggers Create....I'll come back to see your post, in the meantime..if you wish to visit my creative 'screen' door is always open to creative types like you!

    your newest follower
    creative carmelina

    ciao bella

  5. Wow, I love your space. Just my style. Hope u visit me too.


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