JJ's Garage....

My five year old grandson wanted a car themed bedroom, so I've been having fun pulling things together to make this happen for him. I was lucky to find a bag of car stickers at a yard sale... I simply pulled off the paper backing on each sticker and adhered them to sheets of magnets and cut them out. He has a metal bed (locker style) that he can stick and restick these sticker/magnets to..... *fun times, fun times*I also hauled over this fabulous antique armoire. I picked up this beaut for only $10.00 at a yard sale. I had it standing straight up in the trunk of my '66 Mustang as I drove down every side street possible to get it home.... miles & miles I tell ya!!!It is an old Pilots locker that came from our local airport years & years ago. I added some more stickers to this wooden armoire using double sided sticky tape.
I was lucky to find a stacked tire toy box to go in his room. I cut a wooden circle and covered it with burlap and plastic to make it a nice side table next to his bed. The two hubcaps were a great find at only $1.50 each. *score* The three galvanized metal boxes were only $5.00, another great area for placing the magnet car stickers...
I am in the beginning stages of making a garage sign for my grandson's bedroom. The plywood circle I had cut was very rough, so I filled in some knot holes and other grooves with some paper clay so I'd have a really smooth surface to paint on. Next, I printed out the image I wanted to use and transferred it to the boards surface using transfer paper. Easy peasy.All I need to do now is paint it. I think his room is off to a good start!


  1. This is wonderful. What a lucky Grandson you have. Nicely done Grandma!!

  2. dang lady! I want you to come decorate my house.

    You score the most awesome items!

  3. you really are the best gramma! your grandson is so lucky to have you!

  4. Oh my goodness! It's looking great!!! Of course I would expect nothing less from you! You coming over tomorrow night???



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