Looking forward to winter....

When is this heat ever going to end? When-oh-when will it be so darn cold that I can start complaining about the cold???? *wink* I have so many projects that I want to get started, but this heat is making me feel sluggish.In the mean time, I've been making some more "spoon necklaces"... What I really want to do is go work out in the yard... but its just to darn hot!


  1. I know what you mean..its over 100 here wanting some cooler weather..we did do garden work earlier this morning though and things are looking better your spoon necklaces!

  2. It has finally cooled down a bit here - so hopefully I will get a bit more done. Looks like you have accomplished a lot on your jewelry.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  3. Love those celtic cross spoon necklaces. There is something so mystical about celtic crosses...I'm so drawn to them. Hope it starts to cool down in your neck of the woods. It has only been the last two days, that it has seemed just bearable here in central Texas. I'm so looking forward to Autumn.

  4. We expect it to be hot here in Miami for at least another month. Maybe longer.

    Love the spoon necklaces. So fab!

  5. These are awfully pretty. We had a relatively "cool" (75ish) weekend but it's supposed to be much cooler the rest of the week. We're in Michigan so if you're east of me, maybe it's coming your way!


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