On a bender...

...bending spoons that is.....
I found a container full of spoons in my studio that I had put away when I was tiding up. See, there is a reason for NOT putting things away, out of sight out of mind!
Some spoons are easier to bend than others....
All the "duds" end up in the "dud box" to be used at a later date once I figure out what to do with them. I would like to stamp words on some of them and use as pendants. I did try it on a few already... but I'm needing to make some kind of jig to keep everything lined up.... I must add that to my to-do list :-)


  1. Owwww...I wonder if Ms Peaches could do the "bending" the spoon thing. ^_^

    A friend brought me some odd spoons, forks and knives that I would love to do something with but have no clue how to bend them. LOL

  2. I am good at doing the "out of sight out of mind" thing. No telling what I would find around here if I dug around deep enough.:D
    Thanks for stopping by and nice comment on the necklace. Hope you have had a nice weekend.

  3. Bending pie servers is my thing but finding them is part of the fun. I spy one in your bowl! They are like gold around here to make hangers for my plate flowers.

  4. It sure would be nice if the spoons came with a label identifying just how bendable they will be!! LOL
    And about the putting things away.... darned if you do, and darned if you don't! I am still looking for the tiny coin purses I put away "in a place I would know where to find them!"


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