Aaaarrrrggghhh Treasures!

While poking around on Pinterest looking for new ideas for this years upcoming pirate party... I spied this beaut~ I MUST HAVE THIS!

 Seeing that barrel sink was all it took to get me in the car searching for yard sales looking for 1.) a barrel 2.) a sink 3.) a facet....
Yard sales in the winter months are pretty much non-existent around here... the ones that do pop up--- they want top dollar for absolute jUnK.  The one thing you can count on? The swap meet. Oh yeah baby.... miles and miles of junk. *woot-woot*  The second to last row, what did I spy? Why two barrels of course! He started off asking $80.... I did the "sheesh-walk-away" and he said, "Come on back, I'll make you a deal." So for only $60.00 for both-- and free delivery to my house, they are MINE.
The guy next to him was selling a small stainless steel sink with the facet attached for $15.00--- I got if for $10.00. Sooooooooo I got all the fixin's for making a pirate barrel sink, I'm so jazzed! I think all the kids are going to be washing their hands whether they need to or not!

I also picked up some old watches...
and some jewelry to pull apart....
 along with some hearts too...
 This old painting was only $3.00, it was just to sweet to pass up.
 What a great ending to 2012 :-)


  1. WoW,Cheryl! What a bargain and free delivery on the barrels, you rock!!!
    The sink idea is to cool!
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. Hi Cheryl, thanks for the tip on ten paper doll site, she is one of my favorites.
    Great fins you have here. Happy New Year, love the completed Barbie house!
    hugs Marilou

  3. sorry for all the mis types, getting used to my new iPad, lol
    Hugs Marilou again

  4. Hello from Spain: congratulations on buying the barrels. Happy Year! We keep in touch in 2013.


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