Bottoms Up!

Even though this past weekend was a busy one for me, I did manage to hit a couple of yard sales. I was lucky enough to come across this red bull drink display stand for only $10.00. I was wanting something just like this to hold drinks in our backyard when we have parties. I have a really large standing/rolling ice chest that opens from the top--- but I was wanting something that would fit into our backyard pirate theme.

So, with that in mind I set out to transform it from Red Bull to Piratey fun! I easily pulled off the printed graphic on the outside of the drink display and wrapped some bamboo fencing to fit around the circumference. I used some rope wrapped around the bamboo to hold it all in place. Soooo Gilligan's Island right?
I love-love-love the clear lid on the top... I think at some point I'll add a vinyl skull and cross bones to the lid. But for now, it'll do...

I also picked up a fabulous wooden sea gull for only $1.00... and this metal hook/pulley for $6.00... happily, things are coming together!

big hugs,


  1. Hello from Spain: I love your new fridge to store drinks in the garden. You make a great creative work. Very Original .. Keep in touch

  2. Wonderful upcycling job. Love your new cooler!


  3. Perfect! Love the quick DIY and it looks fab!



  4. Love it- you are so creative with your Pirate themed yard!


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