Art Hop

I had a really fun time tonight as one of the vendors at an "Artist's Market" at our cities monthly ArtHop  held in our downtown area. There are over 80 participating artist studios, galleries, museums, and other venues that open up their businesses at nighttime to exhibit art at this event. At most participating venues the artists hang out at the receptions and some works are for sale, others simply for show.... I was lucky enough to get to be an "Artist Vendor" and sell my wares tonight. It was awesome. I met a lot of very talented artists, and I even came across several people who have been reading my blog for a long-long time. *blushing & embarrassed* Who knew?.....
Usually, I try a practice display at home before an event. This time I just took a bunch of stuff and just kind of winged it. I was going to tweek it and make it look cuter.... but by then the crowds were coming... but it all worked out just fine. I made over a hundred dollars in three hours... I think the sale sign I made pulled them in. It would me! lol

At each event I participate in I always try to make new cutesy things for my sellers table. I was wanting a small pennant for the front of the long ruffled table cloth I made for the last event--- but it just didn't happen. The only thing I completed was a "sale" pennant.  Even though I knew I was going to participate at this event a month ago, nothing like the last minute to get it done!

 I used burlap that I backed with some iron on fusible adhesive and then adhered the burlap to some tan felt. Once I had the backed burlap finished, I cut it up into small triangle pennants. After I had a large stack, I simply used a stencil and a red and a black sharpie to create "sale" and the name "The Tarnished Crown".... Then I glued the pennant pieces to some twine that I then just pinned to the display piece.
I know a few of the artists that have works that are showcased at some of these galleries, it is an amazing event that I look forward to participating in again!
big hugs, 


  1. Your display looks fantastic! So glad it was a successful event for you.

  2. Sound like an enjoyable event and you did well.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Hi Cheryl, love your ruffles around your display tale, looks fantastic and your sales basket is just adorable!
    Glad it was a success!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh how fabulous! Love your sale sign and I'd love to take in that Art hop!

    Have a great day xox

  5. Your display looks GREAT! I'm going to remember that sale banner idea -- it is charming and rally draws attention to the merchandise!


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