This past weekend was pretty dismal for finding treasures.... I guess everyone was out enjoying the lake or traveling out of town for the Labor day 3-day weekend? I did find a few fun things... for what else? My pirate back yard! I got two two-toned pots for $5 for the pair...
I also found some fruit sweat boxes, these ones are super big. I bought three for $17, weird price--- but I talked him down and that was his counter *sold* and home they came! I had to buy some rope to tie them to the van to bring them home...

 When I saw the size of the boxes, I immediately thought they would make a fabulous pirate bar. Now all I'm needing is a really nice counter top for the top of the new bar!

I have been super busy working in my backyard. Here are some pictures to prove it! Looking down into the lagoon...
 I finished laying all the retaining stones and did a lot of planting and arranging of stuff...

I got the faux cobblestone (black painted brick) all laid and the compass rose finished and painted. I am just needing to go back and paint in the North, South, East and West on the compass...

The foundation of everything is done, now I just need to do a LOT of finishing touches. Like.... making faux bricks to fill in spaces where bricks should be, tweaking the pirate displays so that everything is visible but looks like a pirate just carelessly tossed things about.

Here is the one of the new pots I just bought. I added a burlap lid to it...
 I've moved some things from other parts of my yard into the lagoon...
 Some sticks from my neighbors yard stuck in the ground...
 One of my favorite parts of the lagoon is the steps. I've got another set on the other side of the lagoon as well.
 aaarrrrgggghhhh.... rope! The rope I had to buy to tie down the sweat boxes looks just like pirate rope! Who knew?
 I found this old wooden porch post years ago...I love it! I was thinking about adding signs to it saying "lagoon" etc... we'll see... for now I'm enjoying the chippiness of it as it stands.
 One of my girlfriends gave me the little wooden table pictured below. Her husband made it for her years and years ago, and I've had it for years and years, its held up great. The top is metal and came from some engine, I added the metal scroll to it.. another fun treasure!
Well, I think I've made some good progress out in the yard and I am hoping to continue with all the finishing touches that are needing to be done. Today I'm getting two new electrical outlets put in -in my yard. Hooray, no more extension cords for my fountains pump!
big hugs,


  1. Happy Labor Day Cheryl! How's your finger doing? Your pirate cove is coming along so well, can't wait to see it all finished.


  2. It looks wonderful! I love the compass rose!

    What a fun project!!

  3. You have been busy and have accomplished a lot. I am passed due for a good sale, but still trying to be good and get rid of instead of accumulate. :D
    Hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend.

  4. I can not get over the projects you take on. love your pirates lagoon. You could have some pretty fun parties there.. and your new bar.. is perfect!
    have a great week Cheryl!

  5. I think you have had rather a succesful time of it! I do like your finds and the cove is splendid!

  6. Fun project Cheryl, I too spent a goodly part of the summer working on my...umm...grandkids 'playhouse'


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