Cake Pedestal

I bought this glass covered cake pedestal recently. I was thisclose to passing it up because I didn't like the color... duh---- Really?
At least I can honestly say, I make myself laugh... duh....  Anywho---
once it was spray painted a lovely shade of baby blue I white washed it a little to get rid of the garishly new looking paint job. Now, it is much more to my liking! No one wants an empty cake pedestal sitting around now do they? I wanted to fill it of course with something yummy immediately!  But... if I made real cupcakes, it would quickly be empty once again and it would be a vicious, albeit yummy cycle. So I opted to make some fake cupcakes instead!
 Oh so dietetic.... and the cuteness is never ending~
I have seen fake cupcakes decorated very elaborately with piped edges and frosting flowers... I am thinking about taking a refresher course on cake decorating.... I remember you HAVE to bring in real cupcakes and REAL frosting every week to practice your designs. *sigh* Oh the things we do for our art. *wink* Tutorial on how to make the cupcakes is coming soon-- stay tuned!
big hugs,

I've linked up to How Sweet The Sounds "Pink Saturday"


Diannia said...

Really cute! I have a pic of a fabric cupcake that would look cute in that too!!!

Diannia said...

Really cute! I have a pic of a fabric cupcake that would look cute in that too!!!

Marti McClure said...

Oh it's so much cuter in aqua! Happy, happy 2014 and Pink Saturday too! Xo, Marti

Connie said...

Hi Cheryl,
I looks so girlie now and what a lovely place to park some cupcakes. Great job!
I'm having a GIVE-A-WAY come on over and get in on the fun :)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh I love it!! The blue is perfect!!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Love the redo! I need faux pastries in my house so I won't be eating them. Yours look so real and yummy.

Jenny Woolf said...

Haha, hope you warn your guests though :) Happy new year Cheryl!

vivian said...

well, they look real! torry pie always asks grammie if he can have a cupcake.. but I never have real ones! lol!
great makeover!
you are the makeover queen I swear!
Happy New Year

Jeanie said...

Much improved! And I have to say, those cupcakes look good enough to eat!

Linda said...

as always you amaze and inspire! Love it! Happy New Year! Linda

Heidi said...

Oh so VERY pretty! Now I won't pass up cake plate holders that I don't like....never thought to spray paint them! (just one cupcake for me, please...)
Happy New Year!

boopnut said...

Don't know how you make fake cupcakes, but the cake pedestal is fabulous!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Cheryl. I am so glad you joined us today.

That cake plate was too great to leave behind. I do believe those cupcakes would make me want a real one even more. hahaha

Terry said...

Hi, Cheryl!

I love the fake cupcakes! How did yo make them? I too would prefer the fake ones over the real ones right now, as I ate way too many gingerbread cupcakes over the holidays. :)

Happy Pink Saturday!

Kaz said...

It is beautiful, your so talented