Lucky Penny

What is more lucky than find a penny on the ground right? Ok, in all honesty I personally think its lucky if your able bodied enough to bend over and pick it up-- *wink* I have been wanting a "lucky penny" table for a long time. With that idea in my mind, I thought it was time to whip one up!
This past summer I got a huge wire spool for fa-ree! and thought it would make a great table base.... Presenting "The Lucky Penny Table" in all its glory dah-dah-dah-daaaaaaaahhhhhh! The table is still setting up and once it is completely dry, I'll buff up the coins one last time and then clean up the edges where some of the grout spilled over the sides.

It was so easy to make, just very time consuming. Firstly, I used E6000 glue and glued 1/8 inch tile spacers to 1,000  coins.... yes, 1,000. I know this because I went through 4 bags of tile spacers at 250 in each bag. I added the tile spaces so that the grout would not only seep between the coins, but underneath as well. I am hopeful that this will insure the coins don't pop off over time.

I was lucky to find/purchase some laminate trim for only $1.00 for the roll, I used this on the edges of the wood to keep the grout from seeping over the sides of the wood. I used carpet nails to attach it to the outside of the penny table and tacky glue to hold it in place in the umbrella circle in the middle of the table. Once the trim was in place, I hot glued each coin to the wood circle that is the base for this penny table. At the last minute, I realized I needed to space the coins out a little more than I had planned. This was due in large part because I used foreign coins along with pennies on the table top.
Lastly, I smeared on top of the penny table some charcoal colored grout. This part is the not so fun part.... once the grout was slathered onto the table top making sure it went in between the coins...
It was about 20 minutes of wiping away the excess and rinsing out the water over and over again....

I'm in love.... totally smitten... I love my new lucky penny table~

big hugs,


  1. Hi :) I came to leave a comment on your entry for this week's Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge but I can't see any mention of the Challenge. Did I follow the wrong link? Lovely table though!

  2. That's an amazing accomplishment - 1000 coins! So clever!
    Now you can enjoy looking at all your Lucky Pennies everyday!

  3. Wow! You have a lot more patience than I do. Hope it bring you lots of good luck. :D

  4. This is an AMAZING idea! I'm thinking of all the vintage buttons I could display this way! I sense a summer project coming along!

  5. Hello from Spain: wow, wow .. you will be very lucky, a table with many coins.. Keep in touch

  6. WOW! Amazing and beautiful Lucky Penny table, Cheryl!
    Have a great week!

  7. That looks like a lot of work on top of a lot of fun on top of a lot of work!

  8. Beautiful work, Never new of a lucky penny table. But, I sure love the how to on one. It's amazing how many penny's it took to create your table. Great Job.


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