Backyard Games

I wanted a pop of color in my backyard in my outdoor game area... I made some back boards for various games and painted them with red and white stripes. I aged the boards and added some black to the edges to really dirty them up.
I made a total of four-- and I'm thinking I could use a bunch more. *wink*

I have three benches where the games will be set up... I am hoping this will help keep the games orderly since there is going to be a lot of kids tossing balls, coins, rats, birds etc while playing these games.
 I also created a couple more games.... One is, toss a rat through the port hole. Also, the small rusty pie tins shown behind the rat toss game will be another game it will be laying flat when played where the kids will toss plastic food and silverware into the bowls.
Lastly, I created a ships mast where the kids will toss small stuffed birds into the crows nest. The dollar store had a lot of stuffed animals recently and amongst them was a lot of really cute birds-- score!

The large bamboo covered barrel is the fishing hole... which is always a popular game as kids love water. I had plans to build a skee ball game. I made a prototype out of cardboard and it turned out fabulously-- but I'm running out of time so it will have to be a big reveal for next  years pirate party! Twenty three more days....
big hug,


  1. You rock Cheryl! I bet everyone who comes will have a blast! love the red and white back boards.. very cool.
    so what kind of food does one have at a pirate party?
    happy weekend

  2. You must have the most fun life! Those boards are fabulous!

  3. Your Grands are going to have so much fun.
    Have a Very Happy Mother's Day!

    A few years back I made some wooden games for a carnival party. Since then, people have borrowed them for their own parties and now we even use them for cub scout events. I LOVE the crow's nest idea! Fun!!!!


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