Barrels of Fun

Last summer I bought eight "Barrel of Monkeys" games for $2.00 for the lot. At .25¢ each, I figured I couldn't pass them up.

 Recently, I decided I was going to use them as part of a shooting gallery game I am making in my back yard. (using rubber band guns) After emptying the barrels of the monkeys, I used E6000 glue to attach the lids permanently to the rest of the barrel. Next, I spray painted them all brown. I needed a few coats of paint to cover the red, brown, blue and yellow colors of the original barrels.
Once the brown paint had dried, I then rubbed black paint over each one to make the wood grain in the barrels planks show up. I then applied some silver metallic paint to the barrels metal bands. Lastly, I coated each one with some glossy clear sealant. Oh. My. Gosh. I love them! I need more!

Here they are set up in front of a striped game backdrop, which hopefully will keep the rubber bands from going all over the place. I'll let my two grand kids set up the shooting gallery any way they like when they play with it. These eight barrels are going to be fabulous for placing things at different heights to be knocked down.

I have set up the shooting gallery in front of a gate under an arch of star jasmine... a perfect spot for any rubber band marksmen. *wink*
big hugs,


  1. you are always so darn creative! Love it! Linda

  2. Solo clever and fun! What a great grandma you are!

  3. Well aren't you clever! I love this idea... cute cute cute!

  4. Can I come live in your backyard? lol

  5. Oh so cute! You coming to my house tomorrow night?


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