Earring Display

I recently purchased an all white three sided spinning display rack for only $12.00. I bought it to hold the earrings I make. Of course, I just couldn't leave it all white, so I added some burlap and trim to make it more to my liking.

With the new earring rack, I thought it was high time to rethink the use of playing cards that I was using to hold each pair of earrings.... cute, but ya know. I wanted something a little more vintage looking... and what is more vintage looking than old cardboard photo frames?

I used my paper cutter to cut off the side pieces and the flaps of each cardboard photo frame.

The actual photo mats themselves are fabulous, aren't they? These I will use just as they are... I simply added hand written text from the 1800's to each one to give them a fabulous time worn look. I'll set these aside for now *wink*
The cardboard pieces that I cut from the sides of each photo holder is what I'll be using to display my earrings on. I cut the pieces of vintage cardboard to the size of 2x3.. so they would fit in my new revolving display rack. I used an eyelet punch to make holes for the earring wires to slip through. I just love the old vintage look the display piece has now.
Here is my new display rack with some earrings added to it...
It looks so much better in person... you don't see the swipe marks on the plastic!
This display rack has 45 slots to hold earrings. I think I'll add another 45 to the display and call it done!
big hugs,


  1. Hello from Spain: great furniture. This display rack is terrific for your creations. Keep in touch

  2. Nice redo on the display rack, and really like the earrings displayed on the display cards. You did good.LOL Sounds like you may have a sale/show in the near future.

  3. of course you added the burlap.. perfect touch! I would expect no less from you. LOL!
    happy day my friend


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