Industrial Art

I have been creating some industrial looking art while playing in my studio... This "LOVE" sign is one of my favorites~ The photo doesn't show a lot of the black distressing I did on this piece... but its there *wink*
Of course, I had to make one with my home town on it~
I had some chipboard keys and locks.... so those got tossed into some pieces too. 
 These ones are smaller than the previous ones. I distressed them with black ink and then rubbed some gold & green over some areas.
These are fun and relaxing to make while sitting and half-watching/listening to the television. I'll take these to the next "Artist's Market" I participate at... it is great to have an outlet to get rid of the things I I tend to make things in bulk. *wink*
big hugs,


  1. These are really impressive, Cheryl. They look rather complicated -- but very handsome!


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