Recently I've had a little bit of remodeling done on my kitchen. Although the workmen are gone and all there is left to do is paint--- you'd think I'd be working at a feverish pace to get it done... But no... I've  been remodeling things out in my backyard instead.

I added a new fountain to the backyard. I love the sound of water spilling  from one pot to another. My cat Puss-puss loves water and she is doubly happy to have a new water feature too.
This pirate skeleton is sporting my grandson's first pirate outfit... This pirate is not only holding a sword but in his other hand he has a pistol as well... aarrrggghhhh~
 I remodeled the gate entrance for those brave enough to enter... I was lucky to find a store locally that sells sphagnum moss in bulk. I've been having fun stapling moss to things... I really like how it makes things look old and kinda scarey.
 I've also remodeled the smaller of the two pirate stores. I had bought six hard-plastic panels at our swap meet a few years ago for $3.00 thinking I'd use them someday... well someday finally came and I finally used them. I think this really finishes off this store perfectly.
 I added the Boutiki sign I had made two years ago above the counter...
This little area beside the store has always been empty until now. I took down some sheer curtains inside my house... and added them to the fence. I think they look like ships sails. I also reworked the pirate name generator too. I screwed it onto a stand and painted a sign that reads, "Spin to find your pirate name." I am going to purchase some "My name is" stickers and place them on the table next to the name generator along with a pen so that if the kids want they can wear their new name.
 This huge piece of drift wood had to be moved from its previous location. I added some moss and a large plastic skull and just set it in this spot... it is one of my favorite new display pieces.
 I am trying to go around the yard one area at a time and make some last finishing touches for this years pirate season.... The next area will be the pirate ship and the area between the ship and the second pirate store. Fun times... fun times~
big hugs,


  1. Hi Cheryl! I'm so amazed at all the detail you put into your pirate themed backyard. I've never seen anything like this, anywhere. It's like something I'd see in a gardening magazine! Your creativity is just wonderful...I love it all!!! xo

  2. you crack me up! someone should do an article on your pirate cove! Or shoot a scene from a pirate movie back there!
    have a great weekend!

  3. How fun is all this!! I love all the details!

  4. Of COURSE you are going to play in the pirate garden -- it's way too much fun. I remember posts when you were just getting started on this. How it has grown! And PussPuss looks like she may have a distant relative in Lizzie!

  5. I think you are one AWESOME Grandma to do all this for your grands!!! Cool water fountain...
    I also think your pirate village should be in a magazine!

  6. Love the pic of kitty drinking out of the fountain.
    The children will have a fun time at the party.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  7. Hey Girly,
    Wanna come to my house and create?
    we could really have some fun with all your ideas and Besides...
    aren't you done yet? LOL what else could you possibly do?'s perfect! I'm just jealous and you are a set designer like I've said so many times to you. Hope they have as much fun as I have watching all you do.


  8. Wow it just amazes me the cool decorating you have done out there, I bet your grandkids just love coming by and playing out there.


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