Minion Movie

Last night I went to see the new Minion movie with my daughter and my two grand kids... I thought Minion hats were in order!
Here is the one eyed little guy, he is my favorite....
 and the other one I made.
Here is my grand daughter Chloe wearing one of the Minion hats.

My grand son Jonathan is a good sport and at least put on his Minion hat for a photo.
 They told me they both wanted to sit by me, so I got to sit in between them last night... made for one happy Nana :-)
big hugs,


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Haha these minion hats you crocheted are just adorable!

Merlesworld said...

They are very cute hats.

handmade by amalia said...

How adorable are these! Hats and children alike :-)