First Day of Fall

Today being the first day of fall has me excited for colder temperatures.. which is probably very surprising to read for those who know me well. Because I hate to be cold!  For this first day of fall the temperature was 91 degrees....

I finished up two crocheted hats for my granddaughter... but not before making another embossed metal head form. I gave my granddaughter the other one I had made. This one I haven't added any black paint to- to bring out the depth of the embossing. You've got to be in the mood for smearing black paint on things... and well, it just hasn't hit me yet.
We just got back from a week at Disneyland, and we are going back in November... so I thought a Minnie Mouse hat was in order. In pink of course~
I also made her an owl hat in her favorite colors....
She is very sweet when I give her things I've made for her... who knows what she really thinks *wink*
I've pulled out a lot of yarn and patterns and I'm pretty sure by the end of winter my granddaughter will still be pretty sweet when I give her things I've made... while secretly wishing I'd make some for her brother instead. lol
big hugs,


  1. She's lucky to have someone who can make her such adorable hats! What a cute collection!

  2. Happy Fall! Your hats are really cute. You did a great job making them.
    I co-host a blog party on Monday's called Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    I would love to have you share your creations.
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  3. The hats are so cute !! I bet she does appreciate them. One of my Grands wore a hat to school last year that daughter crocheted, and the kids loved it and asked if my daughter would make them one. Forgot how many she ended up crocheting.
    Much cooler in the mornings here. Suppose to be in the high 80's later, but not bad with the lower humidity.
    Enjoy your day.

  4. Those are adorable. What a lucky girl!!!

  5. I feel the same way, I hate to be cold but these hot temps are not what I think of when I think of fall, as long as we have some fall weather in there I will be happy. What I don't like is when we go from this heat to cold missing the fall temps.
    Your hats are just the cutest and I am sure she loves them, that Minnie hat is way too cute!


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