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It has been steadily raining recently which of course just makes me camp out in front of my little space heater (swoon) and crochet. I love that little heater. My six year old grand daughter requested some crocheted slipper boots last month. I had been searching online for what seemed like for-ever to find a boot pattern to no avail. I had to actually buy an ankle- boot pattern off of someone on Etsy and then modify it to create the tallness to make a boot. Now that I've worked that pattern I am pretty sure I can whip up my own boot patterns in the future.

After finishing up the boots I turned my attention to a few granny squares that I had previously made and had stashed away in one of my many bins of yarn. This particular granny square has a three dimensional daisy in the center. It was fun to create, but once the pattern was no longer a challenge, I lost interest in it.  
 I only had to make three more to create this crocheted tote. It was like pulling teeth to do it though, and when I finished the three, I realized I had made one with the wrong color. Poo-- I had to rip that out and remake it.
 I thought it was going to be an "easy whip up"... but it was actually very time consuming to add another row of white around each square and then join them together... and then of course make the two straps. I must say though, seeing the bag finished felt great. Miss Chloe is the recipient of that too.... a perfect bag to hold some stuffies.
 Here is my grand daughter Chloe creating some art at my house the other day wearing her new crochet boots. I was delighted to see her using a pencil when she was coloring. Not so long ago, I told her that a pencils color is a great color to use in art.... I'm glad she listens to me about important stuff like that *wink*
I found a cute crochet owl pattern that I'll probably whip up next. I should clean off my work table so I can start making some jewelry. I have several projects that I am wanting to try my hand at for my silversmithing class... but alas, a messy desk just doesn't bode well for working on silver.
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  1. She will love her new boots and tote. They are so pretty.
    Daughter has had a lot of requests for beanies this year, so she has been busy crocheting also.
    Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!

  2. Cutest boots ever! Merriest to you!

  3. Terrific job with the boot slippers, she looks adorable in them and I imagine they are nice and cozy!! I love your project for the granny squares, such pretty design for the tote and great gift idea!! We are having some very strange thunderstorms and tornado's in our area today, just not the kind of weather we have here in Southern Illinois in December. I am thankful for my space heater in the cool mornings to take the chill off from a cold evening. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and look forward to more of your beautiful projects in the new year :)

  4. Cozy makes and a darling grand-daughter. Good for you, Cheryl, and a very happy holiday.


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