Surprise Package

I attended a Christmas party recently where I took part in an ornament exchange. I decided to add some va-va-voom to the wrapping of the, I created an exploding box to house it. On a pedestal of course- because that is just how I roll~
I pulled out a sound chip module out of a birthday card I had received and attached it to the side and base of the box. Once the sides fall down, the song begins...
The song is "Ladies Night" so I found an ornament that would tie in with that song... Champagne and chocolates of course! Because isn't that what we all drink/eat when we have a "ladies night?" *wink*
 Instead of creating the box myself, I found one at the dollar store to use as the base. I also picked up a glass candlestick and some poinsettias... 
It was very easy to create. I simply cut the box so that the sides would fall down making it flat.

I then used black construction paper to cover the edges so it would have a really nice finished look to it when it was completed.

I then cut patterned glitter paper for the outside of the box and silver glittered paper for the inside. I also created a little pedestal with an oval cut out of it to help cradle the ornament and to house the music chip module. I used white glue to attach all the papers and a glue gun to add the pedestal to the base. Lastly, I hot glued the glass base to the package and some poinsettias to the lid. Easy peasy~
It was a lot of fun to see everyone's reaction when the sides fell down and the ornament was revealed with the music playing. It was the first ornament to be picked by my friend Verlon whom I've known for years and years. She said it was nicer looking than her Christmas tree... which made me laugh out loud. My Christmas tree is a 2' high tree with the price tag still on it sitting on the table next to a container of newly bought ornaments. Yep. That is how I roll as I get older. My lovely white tree with all the fancy shabby chic ornaments are still up in the garage rafters.

 I have a lot more parties on the horizon... with a lot more things I'm needing to get working many parties and so little time to get everything finished! Who has time to decorate a tree. :-)
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  1. Now that's one gift that would make everyone stop and stare and ooh and ahh. Fantastic!

  2. As usual, you have out done yourself, (and everyone else I bet) and I wish I was the one on the end of that gift exchange...WOW you are sooo creative! Sounds like it was really fun! Thanks for sharing

  3. You are way too clever for words! How creative. Yes, indeed a gift to remember!

  4. Your exploding, singing box is a hoot!! I can imagine how much fun everyone had when it was opened! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, now aren't you ever so creative and such a fun and pretty presentation idea for your ornament, I bet it was a big hit to the evening!!

  6. The box is just as awesome as the gift! You are so creative!

  7. What a beautiful and fun package to open!! You really did good ! I would never thought to reuse the sound device from a card.
    Doubt I will put up a tree this year. The big one still in the corner of a closet and the 3' one standing waiting for ornaments - and that just may not happen.
    Enjoy your evening.


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