Bunny Ears for a Doll

I repurposed store bought bunny ears for my grand daughter's animator dolls for Easter. Here is one of my dolls showing off one of the headbands with the bunny ears... eek, I'm in love~

The ears were super easy to modify to fit the dolls. I imagine you could make them to fit any size dolls head, but seeing how my little love bug only likes the Disney Animator dolls... that is all I play with too. *grins* I used pre-made super-cute bunny ears that I bought at the dollar store for the dolls bunny ears. The plastic headband on the bunny ears were way to big for the dolls heads so I had to make them smaller. Here you can see the newly sized purple bunny ears compared to the original size of the bunny ears shown in the pink headband below.
 I used wire cutters to cut off a little more than two inches of the headbands to make them smaller. The plastic cut very easily with just a little squeeze of the wire cutters.
 I used sand paper to round off the cut edges on each headband.
 Once the headbands were cut smaller, I took my embossing heating tool-- you know the one used for heating up embossing ink/powder -and heated up a small portion of the headband and simply reshaped the curved headband to be a smaller size. Easy peasy.

 Miranda likes the bunny ears... I think that little smirk on her face means I'm going to have to struggle to pry those ears off her head to give to my grand daughter. *wink*

Happy Easter~
big hugs,


  1. Your granddaughter must think that you are the best grandmother ever. Happy Easter.

  2. You know so many neat tricks! I'm going to enjoy looking through your blog at all your projects. It's like taking a crafting class. Happy Easter! He is risen and we have hope.

  3. Those ears are adorable! Hope you had a lovely Easter :)

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    I think every little girl should be so luck to have a talented grandma as you!
    Thank you so much for visiting my roses, and your kind comment.

  5. You are always doing something so clever! Very cute idea!


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