In more ways than one! Today I enjoyed a fun day selling my wares at a local craft show. The selling time was from 9 - 2, but as everyone who sells at events knows... it starts a LOT earlier and runs a LOT later for the sellers. I sold lots and lots of items and got the chance to talk with and visit with some super awesome like minded people. I love crafty people and those who love crafty stuff!

Also, I am now the proud owner of a new puppy. Look at that face! She is a three month old German Shepard. I have had her for one full week now and oooooooh my goodness is she smart. She can sit, lay and shake on command already. I am being very diligent on potty training her... another reason I'm pooped. My dog of seventeen years died recently, and I had forgotten all about puppies being little Tasmanian devils. This week I am going to get her enrolled in obedience classes. When I took her to visit with my Vet I was told she is going to be BIG. Hmmm just how big is big? I am pretty sure all that talk was code for, "You better get that dog into some obedience classes."  Okokok... that's how I took it anyway. *wink*
 This puppy had previously belonged to a nineteen year old girl who was working and going to college. It was hard for her to part with the puppy as you could imagine, but I assured her it was going to a home where it would be well cared for. 
 I kept the name she had chosen for the dog, Akira. Although, for the most part she doesn't acknowledge you when you call to her. Right now she is more interested in- the leaf blowing across the ground, the bird flying over head, trying to catch a fly buzzing her head, the branches on a tree rustling... I personally think she thinks her name is, "Are you hungry?" or... "Want some chicken?" You've never seen a dog come running so fast in your life.
Akira's big ears stand up all the time...even while sleeping. I cannot even tippy-toe to check on the puppy because she hears me coming. I must google how to walk like a Ninja....
My backyard is "pooped" too.... pooped with "poop" and puppy toys!
She is a real cutie pie~
big hugs,


  1. LOVE the dog.
    I have a black rescue puppy (shepherd/lab mix) that looks very similar to your cutie pie.
    I agree the breed is super smart.
    Enjoy your dog. I love mine = )

  2. Hi Cheryl
    When your picture came up in my blog roll I thought "Hey, what's Jax doing in my blog roll!!"
    Jax is my daughter's black dog...I see that dog everywhere. Ok, dogs that LOOK like Jax. So glad you have another dog. For me, there is something missing without a dog. Those puppy months are so much fun. Let me tell you, I have 3 BIG dogs...100 and 100+ pounders. Lots of pooping and picking going on around here!!
    xx, Carol

  3. So glad the show was successful and lots of sales! Your new family member is so very handsome! It'll be fun to watch as he grows up!

  4. Good to hear that you did well selling your goodies and that you met some good people, that is always fun!
    Oh your puppy is too cute, yes our dachshund is almost 16 years old and she is losing her hearing... people ask if I am going to get a puppy and I say no, I don't know if I am ready for all that work!

  5. Howdy! Glad to see you survived yesterday! Andy carried all my stuff in the house for me because he felt bad that I got sick at the faire. Hope we see you tomorrow evening!

  6. My little puppy FYI (went thru it again 3 years ago). When she starts to teeth, have two old rags handy. Dampen both, ball 'em up, and freeze 'em! Yup! When she starts to teeth, give her one and keep the other in reserve. The upside to this is pain relief for the fur-baby, less chewing on your things (not all, but a LOT less), and a happy Mom. The down side, slightly damp spots from where she was chewing, loss of said rags (which is why I said "old"), and (very likely) a lifelong love of ice. (my Z come RUNNING when he hears the ice maker!)

  7. I love your sense of humor, and Arika is adorable!


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