Happy New Year

Ah... another new year. Sweet~
New beginnings, new calendars, new resolutions.... Over the last few years I've come across people choosing to adopt a "word" that they can focus on that sums up what they want to be/achieve or how to live. When talking with a fellow blogger I spoke of how I would have to change my word to suit my mood as I don't stick to things for to long as I get bored and lose interest rather quickly.... then it hit me, why not make my word for the year, "CHANGE" Well there you go, my word for the year. Change.
Maybe it would be a gentle reminder to change up my normal routine...
 Encourage me to mix it up a bit and go outside my comfort zone to try something new...
It will also remind me to chuck my change into the large change jar I've recently acquired.
Yes, I think Change is going to be a good word for this upcoming year. ...if it isn't, I'll just change it when the whim hits me to better suit my needs!*wink* (more than likely, my word will be REMEMBER--- remember you've got a "word" for the year!)
big hugs,


  1. That's an excellent word! It'll be fun seeing how you implement it!

  2. Great word for the new year! Happy new Year.

  3. lol! I love this post. and I just cant think of one word for myself.. but I got a chuckle out of "remember"!
    Happy new year!

  4. You are so funny. Change is a great multi dimensional! People are ALWAYS talking about change and are sometimes so resistant to it. You will embrace it. Good for you. I love to change up my look but HATE to change my routine.

    Happy Changes!
    xx, Carol

  5. That's a great word! I've never done this before but this year I'm going to. I'm pondering the words forward, focus and commit. Really, I could use all three!

  6. LOL, I like how you ended it, to remember what you word is, that would be me... Here is to a year of all kinds of changes, for the good!!

  7. I had a word and a list of resolutions for 2016 and hardly did any thing with them. I'm transferring them to 2017, hoping for better results :-) I like yours!


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