I love this time of year for treasure hunting. Everyone is happy because winter is over... and they can start hawking their "stuff" once again..... good times, good times. I am always on the look out for more paint, glitter, glue, Mod Podge and any gems I can stick out in my pirate backyard. All of this combined was under $10.00. The two necklaces on the far right are stamped sterling silver, they were both .50¢ each.

The Singer sewing caddy was only $5.00 and came with a lot of thread, pins, several tape measures, buttons and bags of rhinestones.
A $2.00 shoe box filled with more thread, buttons and sewing machine bobbins was a happy find. (we all know how much thread costs these days)
I found another Disney Animator doll. Belle was a $2.00 scored treasure.
I also scored on an American Girl doll. She was only $2.00 as well. Her little sweater-shirt is wet from me sponging off a little dirt. I also bought some bronzed baby shoes. At only .75¢ it was a no-brainer on buying them.   
I also got a few pirate treasures.... A fabulous tin box, a pewter mug, a silver tray, an awesome lantern, pirate booty and seashells. I got all of this pictured below for only $8.00.

This weekend they are predicting rain again. Pooh. Makes it hard to hunt for treasures in the rain!
big hugs,


  1. What a good haul! Happy hunting!

  2. $2.00!!! YOu certainly DID find a lot of great treasures. I'm sure we will see them incorporated into artful items in the future.
    xx, Carol

  3. You and me both love junkin' at this time of year. We've been sitting on go ready to start hitting garage sales.

    You did great. Love the sewing and craft things you got. Good deal!!!!

    I garage sale for things to use on mosaics. So if it's already a broken or chipped not a problem. And that usually makes it cheaper to buy too.

    Pinterest and Etsy are bad for me because I get too many ideas of things I want to make. Then I have to buy more stuff to make different things :)

    We are heading to a huge garage sale this weekend. Looking forward to finding treasures.
    Happy weekend.

    I have a mosaic blog at:
    I have a private blog where I post all of our junkin', food, animals and other stuff at.

    Ramona from Mississippi

  4. I logged in different. Usually sign in as The JR.
    I created a new Google+ account and used it to log in.

    At least this way, you can click my comment name and go to that google+ page

    from there, I have a post directed to my mosaic blog

    Happy weekend,

    I sent you an email

  5. looks like you did a great job of finding some great goodies to use with your projects, and that lantern looks new, bummer they are predicting rain for this weekend.


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