Quilty Cats

I had bought several old full size quilts a few weeks back for $4.00 each... Being that they are so old and fragile with some small minor worn fabric areas I decided to use them as "cutter quilts" and create something with them. What to make....
Cats of course! I created a slender cat pattern and traced it onto one of the quilts. I made one, thought it was to skinny... then made two more each a little chubbier than the first. It was after all of that work that I realized I liked the first pattern I used to make the skinny cat the best. I managed to get a total of 22 cats out of one quilt. I finished up a total of four so far.
I love the little faces of these cats...
 I am going to use different colored buttons for the cats eyes. Vintage buttons of course.
 I think these quilts are from the 1940's, which would make them about seventy-seven years old.
 I stitched around the cats with my sewing machine and then did a running stitch with some embroidery floss to add to the vintage look of each cat.
 I've got a stack of cut out quilty-cats that are still needing to be stitched together. This will be a nice "go-to" project when I'm wanting something to work on.
I've also got a lot of scraps left over. I just couldn't toss out the lovely looking little bits and bobs of hand sewn goodness. I'm sure this is how hoarding begins... bags full of cut up pieces of an old-old quilt.
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  1. Cheryl, these are four-star adorable. I just hate cutting up quilts but sometimes that's the only thin you can do with them and you made them into something so charming and unique they are their own heirlooms. Bravo!

  2. They are wonderful. I have an old bear made from a cut up quilt. I didn't make him. What are you going to do with the round pieces?

    Love the cats.

  3. Oh my goodness aren't they ever just the cutest little kitties!! Such a great way to give life to these old quilts and not let them get thrown away. Plus wow what a deal on them when you think about how many cats you are getting out of one quilt. I bought an angel at a craft show that was made from an old quilt, I love it! Another wonderful idea you had for these!

  4. Oh what a great way to use old quilts! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. I love them, Cheryl. They have the sweetest faces!
    xo Julia


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