Table Centerpieces

Ok-ok-ok, to be more specific... Pirate table centerpieces. I've been wanting to jazz up the centerpieces I use for my pirate dinner parties. In the center of each table I usually have a large silver tray with silver goblets and bowls with strands of beads cascading out of them. Nothing permanent and always tossed together really fast before guests arrived. I was wanting something already put together for ease of use. So, I pulled a lot of silver items together and filled the lighter weighted items with some plaster of Paris and then topped them off with some spray Styrofoam to fill each up to a level I could just give the vessels the appearance of being filled completely with pirate treasure.
I have a lot of usable junk jewelry to pull from. I sorted them into different categories like, kinda pretty, extremely pretty, all gold, chains/pearls, gold with centers etc.... I used hot glue to adhere all the items into each silver container. It was slow going-- but hopefully each one will last for many years. *fingers crossed*
Here is a photo of the first layer all glued in place... not looking to cute-- but getting there.
Arrrrggggghhhhh~ now it is looking like pirate loot!
I have a thing for green moss.... I really think the green makes all the colors really pop. I only added moss to a few of the goblets to add some variety.
I like- like colors in the same container... Probably a little "OCDish" but that's how I roll~ Once each container had strands of beads glued into place I added some additional bling then added more strands... each layer being glued in place.
I added rhinestones to each vessel as well.
 I also added coins from countries from all over the world too.
 I never thought I would finish with these, it was a long.long.process. I think these will look fabulous sitting on silver trays on each table. In the mean time I'm putting them all away in a plastic tote waiting for warmer weather! I'm sure when I pull them out to use them I'll glue a few more bits & bobs to them as everything in life is a constant "work in progress" isn't it~
Now, I'm thinking I would like to make some new tablecloths! I have six round tables that I usually use for our parties... six table cloths... sooooooooooo doable!
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  1. These look awesome! The sun is shining today...take one out and sit it in the sunshine to admire the sparkle!

  2. These are fabulous! You''ll have to keep an eye out for dragons! I'm just sorry I live on another continent or I'd beg for a Pirate Party invitation :)

  3. I love how the junk jewelry works in the goblets. That would be great for a galentine party!

  4. Cool setting! I have that same wood jewelry box in the first picture. I'm sure I got it in the early 70s. We keep our foreign money in it that we have collected over the years.
    xx, Carol

  5. Wow they all look fabulous, just look at all those goodies you have collected, it makes for many wonderful centerpieces. Great idea to fill the containers before adding your jewelry.


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