Last weekend, I was lucky to come across a large stash of cabochons.
It seems all the ones I've been finding lately are the colors of mud...
So, I was delighted to see so many different colors in this lot.
It isn't like I need any more cabochons... I've got a bazillion I have yet to wire wrap.
If I were to make these myself it would take me at least an hour to create each one...
The large pile of polished rocks cost me $2.00 and the cabs? Those were .50¢ each.
I couldn't/wouldn't pass them up at that price!
big hugs,


  1. No way to pass up a deal like that. FANTASTIC cabs and a very good find.

  2. Great find. You've got some lovely colours in there :)

  3. Oh no you couldn't pass up those prices, to have them already to create with you have found quite the treasure and look at all you can make!!

  4. Your STOLE them!! What a deal. Lots of profit to be made at that price. Lucky lady with a great eye for a sale.
    xx, Carol


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