Local Fair

I entered a few wire wrapped pieces into our local fair this year. Ientered as a beginner. I got first place on everything I entered! Here is my case of twelve pieces that got a "first place ribbon."
 Here is a close up of the left side of the case.... and the right side...

I used vintage photo mats with burlap to showcase my pieces. I was told not to do anything "tricky" because the judges don't like any extra "fluff" taking away from the pieces. I was confident that it added to the case instead of distracting from the pieces... but was warned that it might lose me some points. Happily, it didn't.
I had wire wrapped this hanging nest with fresh water pearls as eggs and was at a loss as how to show it off. The cardboard photo frames were not cutting it. Luckily, I had an antique photo case that worked out perfectly. 

I also entered two solo pieces. One under the category of "wire weaving." I made the chain too...
This one in the category of wire wrapping. I made this chain too. I was told that the labels describing the pieces were going to be judged as well. I thought for sure that is what would get me marked down on for sure because I don't know the names of any of these rocks! So, what did I do? I simply put down "cabochon." It worked, whew.
I was happy to take first place in every category. I do play to win! It cost me $6.00 to enter and I won a total of $60.00...and the bragging rights-- which are everything~
I've already got a few outrageous ideas of some things I'm going to enter into next years competition. My goal is BEST IN SHOW.... oh yea baby... Best. In. Show.
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