Time to Purge

I've been so bored lately, so I figured I'd go through my studio hoping to find something to inspire me to create- something... anything. I did come across a lot of things, unopened or literally only used once... Nothing motivated me to create with it. So, that inspired me... to purge. I did take a good long look at these things.... they look like fun, but I decided I don't need 'em. Tons and tons of these, I've never used any of them.....  The one on top peeked my interest, but I got over that and added it to the pile of things to get rid of. I think it makes a container???  A bunch of templates. More templates to create mini books.A lot of envelope templates. Not going to lie, I love envelope templates. I guess it is bordering on an obsession by the looks of my collection. I got some pretty crazy templates along with the patterns for the cards too. Old school alphabet tracers... Then I went through a bin of sewing kits...These looked like fun once upon a time... I used to LOVE to cross stitch.  A lot of these came attached to magazines as a little gift with purchase. I've got several duplicates...I think these were a little gift from a magazine too...I think I've come to the realization that I'm more of a shopper than a crafter. I've got a plastic tub that I'm going to add these things to and reopen my Etsy shop one of these days! That might be something to spend some time working on! I hear a lot of people are not happy with the reviews they are receiving due to the slow shipping delays- due to the pandemic. I'm not in a hurry to reopen-- so in the mean time, I'll just keep searching for something to peek my interest and purge what doesn't!


  1. Cheryl... My, you do have a lot of very cool projects and art supplies... AND... you are so good at all of them... No wonder our last fair had those gorgeous Pirate decorations...
    Thanks again for all you do and have fun "finding" a lot of stuff.


  2. Boggles my mind that people complain about deliveries amidst a pandemic and around the holiday season. A mistaken believe that they can have what they want right when they want it. No doubt someone could put all those supplies to good use. I have so much cross-stitch and scrapbooking supplies that I'm not sure I can ever really use but don't have anyone or anywhere to donate to and feel guilty about just throwing stuff away that can be used. :/ Happy holidays!

  3. You should be able to sell those in your Etsy shop.
    Merry Christmas.

  4. Great work on the clean out, something I should do too. If I'm lucky, I'll find lots of "what was I thinking" items to make it easier to move things on. Too often I still think I'll make those old projects and patterns up yet though. Sometimes the cold fish of reality smacks me upside the head and I put things in the thrift bag anyway, hoping that karma thing kicks in and if I want similar items again they'll magically appear at garage/estate sales or thrift shop.

    Between the volume, workers out sick, and political BS with the postal system, people should thank the powers that be that the whole delivery system hasn't collapsed. At least not yet.

    1. Yes, I too believe in Karma kicking in when you need to use-- what you've just gotten rid of LOL

      So much BS within the United States- not only with the postal system right now.. I'm very hopeful for the new administration to get us back on track. We've been "derailed" for soooooooooooo long.


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