Wire Earrings

I have 35 more days until the huge four day selling event that I'm going to participate in takes place. I range from..."I've got this" to "I need to make things to sell, and fast!" In order to appease both of those feelings/emotions, I cranked out some wire and bead earrings.
I do love to make multiples...

I must admit, I do have a super hard time with creating a natural boho  look/feel. I did try... but then my OCD took over and I took the "free flow" and got it down to a precise wrap.... I crack myself up. I'll be selling these for $5 each... or two for $8.


  1. They are lovely. And nicely displayed. I used to wear earrings all the time. But sadly, at some point, my ears started rejecting any earring. Now when i try to put one in, my ear will start to turn read and hurt. So disappointing. Now I just double up on the bracelets on my wrists to make a statement since I can't put anything in my ears. Good luck with the sale.

  2. I love them. Good luck with the sale. We have a 40 mile garage sale coming up. We will be setup in one of the yards along the route. Taking a load of furniture this time. May take some smalls. We have tons to sell.

  3. Ah, thank you :-)
    A 40 mile yard sale? Dang! What fun that should be :-) I hope you make a lot of money.. I know I'd be spending a lot of money LOL


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