I meant to blog....

I had an awesome time at the big event I recently had been a vendor at.... way back in October, I had every intention of blogging about it. Boy--- time gets away from me! I had so much fun in fact that I'm going to be doing it again in March. 

I had planned to take photos-- but I never got around to it. I sold a lot of my wire wrapped jewelry and practically all the wishing wands I had made. Oh well, next time I'll take photos... but don't quote me on that.

I have decided to create a woodland/fairy theme for the next event so, I'm making a tree stump with shelves in it to showcase some small things that I hope to create one of these days!

I created the base for the tree stump using cardboard, aluminum foil and tape.


Next, the entire tree stump will get a layer of paper on it, then I can add the bark texture/paint to the stump to really make it come alive. For the shelves themselves, I'm thinking of creating a rock cobblestone effect. Oh... and possibly add some lights! Goodness, this little project is turning into a large undertaking! At some point I'm needing to actually create things to sell at this event instead of playing around :-)

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  1. I can't wait to see it all. I'm glad you had a great event. I wish they would work out around here for me. But, sadly we have a lot more lookers than buyers.


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